As we cross the half way point in the 2016 regular fantasy season, we figured it was time to take a quick look at how the Touchdown Trips Fantasy League was shaping up as we enter the business end of the campaign.

Still leading the way is the only undefeated participant – Air Cavalry. I think we covered this team enough in our last roundup that we don’t need to revisit the reasons for their irritatingly consistent winning – but needless to say everyone is looking to take them down and this week the 6-1 My Ball Zach Ertz will look to do just that. Definitely game of the week potential right there.

Three other teams currently sit at 6-1, including TDT’s own Blindside Blitzers – helped mightily by the return of Tom Brady and his re-connection with Gronk. Having the suddenly hot Jay Ajayi on side doesn’t hurt either. The Autumn Wind, who will be without star wideout Antonio Brown this week, and Taco Corp round out the one loss teams.

Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, we have just one team still waiting to break their 2016 duck – that being the Seahawks. Aside from having over 50% of his starting team consisting of, er, Seahawks, owner Chris also has been playing Thomas Rawls, despite the fact the ailing back has been out since week 2. DUDE – HE AIN’T COMING BACK TIL AT LEAST NEXT WEEK! HE MAY BE YOUR FAVOURITE PLAYER BUT START SOMEONE ELSE!

While she picked up her first win a few weeks ago, Chris’ Hawks-supporting fellow owner Natalie committed the cardinal sin of starting a player who was on a bye last week. It’s still possible that those 1-6 teams could go on an improbable run and reach the playoffs so let’s have a full-blooded effort this week Nat, especially as you’re playing us!

As for all those two, three and four win teams – a little run of W’s is all that’s needed to get you right back in the hunt. As Kate Bush once said to Peter Gabriel – “don’t give up” (or maybe it was Jeff Fisher to Case Keenum, though after Sunday he probably should).

Finally if anyone’s paying attention to the thinly veiled corporate-advert trophies dished out by on a weekly basis, this week’s Hungriest Bench Trophy – tenuously tied in with Snickers even though it makes little sense – goes to Corellia Captains, with Taco Corp appropriately picking up the Tostitos! Unreal Combinations Trophy for some reason or other. Do they have Tostitos! here? If not, they’re tortilla chips and the Scoops are the best variety for getting maximum salsa load per bite. There were 2 other trophies as well so well done whoever won those.

Good luck all and may Week 8 bring you as much joy in fantasy as it does in reality (for the avoidance of doubt – LOTS!).