With the 2016 season now in full swing, it’s time to take a look at the Touchdown Trips League movers and shakers after week four.

Mirroring the real NFL, there are still two teams with perfect 4-0 records – Air Cavalry and The Autumn Wind showing the rest of us how it’s done so far. Air Cavalry have got by largely on the stellar play of Pittsburgh duo Ben and D’Angelo – with the return of Le’Veon Bell likely to affect the latter’s production in coming weeks – but this could be counteracted if OBJ stops pouting and steps up his game. The Autumn Wind has relied on a heavy dose of Raiders magic, with three of their players in his starting line-up. The two sides meet in what could be a titanic Week 9 match-up and if they’re both 8-0 by then, I’ll paint myself purple and sing a song on YouTube.

There are four teams on 3-1 records, five at 2-2, two at 1-3 and three at 0-4. Even those in last place still have hope of getting back into it, with the season being still young. You might even make the playoffs, like the 1992 San Diego Chargers did (although admittedly they’re the only team to do it). With a 16 team league, the waiver wire is proving tough to acquire talent better than already is on most rosters, so how about a trade or two to spice things up a bit?

As we’re now entering the Bye Week phase, please don’t forget to set your rosters and ensure your starters will be active prior to game day, in the interest of fairness to the other folks in the league. Good luck to all owners going in to week 5!