After 13 tough weeks of fantasy battles, the order is decided and the TDT Fantasy Playoffs are here!

Having been the class of the league all season, Air Cavalry and By Ball Zach Ertz finished ahead of the rest of the league, both notching 10-3 records. Air Cavalry narrowly nicked the number 1 seed, finishing with a flourish and 2 straight wins and having scored more points through the course of the season, though there was just less than 40 points separating these two heavyweights. MBZE finished with a couple of defeats, obviously resting their starters with a playoff spot already secured.

The remaining teams to make it to the big dance are the winners of the other two divisions – Taco Corp blitzing the rest of the TDT West with a 9-4 record, while The GOAT came out the only winning team from the TDT North with 7-6. The two wild card teams are The Autumn Wind and Blind Side Blitzers, with the former pipping the latter to the fifth seed by just TWO points.

To those who didn’t make it, thanks for playing in our inaugural season and I hope you’ll be up for the challenge again next year – fit, healthy and ready to draft a winner. To those who remain in the post-season – this is where the real stuff begins. Good luck!