2 weeks in to the inaugural season of the Touchdown Trips fantasy league, and some owners are making an early statement with 5 teams still undefeated.

Air Cavalry currently are the class of the field, having scored the most points of any team over the first fortnight, with an impressive 250 racked up so far. A look at their roster and they’re pretty stacked, leading many to wonder how the hell they got so many good players in a 16 team draft?! As well as the obvious OBJ and Greg Olsen standouts, both ranked top 3 at their position, they’re also getting solid early-season performances from Big Ben and Latavius Murray. They’ll face the 1-1 Dorset Panthers in Week 3. Congrats also to Correlia Captains, My Ball Zach Ertz, The Autumn Wind and Taco Corp on remaining perfect so far.

Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, we have five owners still awaiting their first wins. Fortunately it’s a long season so there is still time to recover (as Jags, Bears and Dolphins fans are telling themselves right now). The league’s Seahawks-supporting contingent are seeing art imitate life, with their teams not necessarily shipping the most amount of points but not succeeding due to lower than expected offensive production. If the Hawks’ offense improves, as will their teams. Failing that, there’s always the waiver wire…

And taking a glance at the divisions, it seems that TDT North is shaping up to be like last year’s NFC East – a shower of mediocrity where a 500 record might get you in the playoffs. It should be noted that current playoff projections are to be ignored, with each division winner being automatically eligible for the post-season (and seeded 1-4 in order of final record or, in the event of matching records, points scored), with the remaining four teams qualifying by virtue of their final record or, in the event of matching another team, points scored. This will be done manually at the end of the regular season.

Hope all our owners are enjoying the season so far, even if the results haven’t matched with your post-draft expectations. Still plenty more football to be played! Good luck to all this week.